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Some Of Our 5 Star Reviews​

Lydia M.
I had never been hypnotized before and I was skeptical. You simplified everything for me and so far I am down 32lbs. You’ve made me a believer and I am excited about using several more of the programs.
Shubham B.
These programs have been absolutely wonderful. I was a smoker for 32 years. BUT, NO MORE! Thanks to your program. I have also been able to get a good night's sleep every night. I never realized how easy and powerful hypnosis could be. I wish I knew earlier.
Richard M.
Wow! I have always struggled with anxiety. After going through the reduce stress and anxiety program I feel as I have broken through! I have a more positive outlook and don’t fear the worst like I once did. Who knew that hypnosis could make things so much easier. I just listen and relax and the hypnosis works it’s magic. Thank you so much for creating these programs. My wife is becoming a believer and is going to use the headache program tonight.
Rafael P.
My girlfriend bought this for me and had many doubts. I no longer desire cigarettes like I used to. Thank you.
Jacek B.
I get nervous when I have to give presentations for work. I’ve been known to break out in a sweat and get very uncomfortable in front of my colleagues. Just one week ago I started listening to the Fearless Presentations program. The process is easy. I use my phone with my headphones and I just listen. It’s quite amazing how my level of confidence changes even while I’m listening. It’s almost as if my mind is being re-wired. Well, today I had to give an important presentation and WOW, it was easier than ever. My thoughts were organized and my confidence level was higher than ever. I give this program an A+
Lisa T.
22 pounds lost and counting. I’m loving this!!! I’m making the right choices and it’s easier than ever. Am I perfect? No, but the scale doesn’t lie. If I’m going out to a restaurant or out with friends, I take time to listen to the weight loss program. It stops temptation in its tracks!
Lucio N.
I always thought hypnosis was fake. But I had so much stress in my life I was desperate to try anything. Well… to my amazement , listening to this really, really calms me down and helps me organize my thoughts and remain calm. Bravo!
Nitsan K.
Smoking is a thing of the past for both me and my son.
Maureen T.
I have always been a stress eater and I don’t sleep well. Probably because I would eat in the middle of the night. Well, I am now in control of my stress and my eating. I’m even sleeping through the night now. I love the Audio Massage music. I put it on repeat and I sleep like a baby!
Ashley S.
I never though I’d stop biting my fingernails. It’s been a nasty habit for over 40 years. Now my nails look lovely and I love showing them off. Hypnosis works!