The human body is a complex system that we are trying to understand a little more every day. When it comes to the subject of losing weight, there is a lot of talk going on in mainstream society. In fact, there are many weight coaches that offer diets or exercises that will help you lose weight. We know that the basic formula for losing weight is to eat less and move more, but today more and more people are turning to hypnosis to help them make healthier choices and lose weight. The Mind is Powerful Our mind is a powerful tool that many scientists study daily. When it comes to thoughts and thought processes, scientists have been studying how hypnosis can change such for years. When it comes to losing weight, the process of hypnosis includes imagining you, in your mind, with less weight and wearing smaller clothes. You actually take power over your thoughts, think and mentally see what it is you want, and as such, you are attracting the change that will help you lose your weight. Basically, what you think – you become. The first thing you need to do when using hypnosis to lose weight is to change the way you are thinking. We are surrounded by everyday news in the media that is full of negativity that has an impact on our subconscious. The subliminal marketing techniques make us think we should eat unhealthy foods when we are sad, mad, bored, lonely, and so on. Instead of thinking about healthy foods, we think about fast food and junk food. Changing our thoughts using hypnosis will certainly help us change our beliefs and actions. Build a new relationship with your body You’ll also want to change what you think about weight loss and your body. Accept your body where it is right now. Be loving toward yourself and create a solid relationship with your body. As you commit to self-love and positive thoughts about yourself, you’re creating a new relationship with your body – a healthier relationship. This will ultimately help you reach for healthier foods and take better care of your body. Hypnotists often use the power of the symbolic imagery and subtle repetition to help you lose weight. This means they may invite you to put food cravings in hot air balloons and send them away, ride them like a wave, or toss them into the river. Using visions to bring change to your thought life is quite powerful in bringing change. Verbal repetition is helpful as well. Repeating a positive suggestion for half an hour every day can be a good start to focus your mind on your ultimate weight goal. When you’re under a state of hypnosis, you’re more focused and susceptible to change. Whether you see a hypnotherapist in person or listen to a therapeutic audio program, being persistent can certainly help you change your thought life, beliefs, and actions- thus, helping you to get to the weight you desire.