With alcoholism and drug addiction being so prevalent in society, learning how to overcome such is quite important. Chances are you or someone you know is struggling with some sort of addiction and may not know what to do about it. Anyone who has an addiction issue can certainly resonate with the misery associated with wanting to quit, yet not being able to. For those who continue to say, “This is the last time” and yet, do it again, good news is that there is a solution worth trying: Hypnosis. What is addiction? An addiction is an obsessive or unhealthy behavior that you feel you have little or no control over. For example, one can be addicted to alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, food, or even a partner or loved one. Defeating addictions is usually never easy and usually takes time and commitment but even then, you may need another option other than mere will-power to defeat your addiction for the long haul. What is hypnosis? Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness or awareness. It is a state in which one is greatly relaxed and more focused, helping you to be more open to suggestions and change. It has been quite successful in helping reduce stress, pain management, fatigue, menopausal symptoms, eliminating phobias, addictions, and more. Before you can accept hypnosis as a form of help for addiction, you must be proactive. Be sure that you are ready to stop the addictive behavior and have faith that hypnosis can help you. Unconscious motivational talks You or a hypnotist can give you motivational or pep talks while you are under the influence of hypnosis. While in your hypnotic state of mind, you can re-organize your thought patterns that can lead you to an addiction free life. Pep talks while your mind is in a hypnotic state is a way to ensure that those motivational words stay in your mind at all times. Triggers With every addiction, there is typically a trigger or more than one trigger that causes you to participate. For example, if you’ve had an extremely hectic morning at wok, that could be a trigger to light up a cigarette. If your boyfriend tells you that they will not be home that night, it could be a trigger to start consuming alcohol. Hypnosis will help you understand what your triggers are and how you can fight the negative actions when those feelings are present. Do your homework on the topic so you can really come to understand the power of hypnosis. You can see a trained hypnotist or listed to an audio program here on www.eHypnosisStore.com . If you have an addiction, go ahead and give hypnosis a try to overcome it. It has helped many people overcome their addictions and lead lives free from the bondage of addiction.